Uninstalling the Typequick Application

To uninstall the Typequick program, go to the UninstallerData folder. This folder appears inside the folder where the application was installed.

In the UninstallerData folder is a program called Uninstall_Typequick. When you run this program Typequick will be uninstallled, which means all the files and changes made to the system by the installation process will be undone.

Saving the Database
If you have been running Typequick with the built-in database and you would like to reinstall later and continue using the database, before running the uninstaller you should save the 'data' sub-folder of the data folder specified in the installion.

Remains from an Uninstall
In some cases the uninstall process may fail to completely remove all the things that appeared during the installation process (for example, a directory, or a .Properties file). However, it is unlikely that the remains will be very large and they can be left or manually removed. A reinstall will not be affected by their presence (except in cases where changes to system scripts could not be removed).

Uninstalling TQ Server
In general, uninstalling TQ Server is more complex and the administrator should check that there are no leftovers that could cause a problem for a reinstall. Such a check should not be required for other Typequick components.

Finally, if the TQ Server is to be uninstalled, please make sure that the TQ Server has been stopped before running the uninstaller.

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