TQ Server in Unix Variants

The number of Unix variants (FreeBSD, Redhat Linux, SuseLinux, etc.) creates something of a problem for the installation program in relation to the TQ Server program.

The machine startup script formats and their locations vary enormously from one variant to another, so the installation program does not attempt to create any required scripts or edit existing scripts for these Unix variants.

The information in this topic is provided to help an administrator with a Unix variant set up TQ Server so that it starts automatically when the machine is booted, and is stopped when the machine is shutting down.

The installation process (when TQ Server is selected for installation) generates two programs associated with TQ Server. One program is TQServerStart and the other is TQServerStop. These programs are reasonably self contained and do not require command line arguments, but when run, they should be run from the directory in which they are installed, as they pick up information from the TQInstall.Properties file which is in the same directory as they are. These two programs should be added to the startup and shutdown scripts for the installation.

It should also be noted that the startup and shutdown programs are probably best run using the same account as the installation program, as they (especially the startup program) will be creating new files and modify existing ones in the data directory.

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