System Requirements

Installation Program

The installation program needs 32 MB of free RAM. A minimum of 8-bit colour depth (256 colours) is required. Additionally, the installation program requires a minimum 640 X 480 screen resolution.

Typequick Application

The machine should have at least 128MB of RAM and its processing speed (in Intel terms) should be at least 500MHz. 640x480 display at 16-bit colour (recommended 600x800 and colour quality of millions).

If TYPEQUICK is running slowly and at times freezing check that your machine meets the minimum hardware and system requirements.

The amount of disk space consumed by the installation will depend on the subset of programs installed. In multi-machine environments components can be installed on network drives to simplify updating issues. The table below indicates approximate requirements for various components.

Component Space Required
Java Runtime 55Mb
TQ Client Program 6MB
TQ Admin Program 6MB
TQ Server Program 6MB
Typequick Professional Resources 20MB
Typequick for Students Resources 250MB
SKE Resources 6MB

The TQ Server program creates and maintains an SQL database which will grow from a minimum requirement of around 5MB to a size dependent on the number of students using the Typequick application and the number of lessons attempted.

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