Single Machine Install

For users who have bought a retail Family Pack or Personal User Pack or our Individual/Educational Training Kits

To install Typequick on a single machine follow either of the following two options;

Default Install (Recommended)

No selections need to be made. Typequick will be installed to the following locations;

The program, resources and data will all be installed to;

C:\Program Files\Typequick

C:\Program Files\Typequick\resources

C:\Program Files\Typequick\volatile

The program shortcut is put on the users desktop.

The program, resource and data will all be installed to;




Custom Install

The user is able to choose where Typequick is installed and where the shortcut for the program is put.

A summary of where all the folders will be installed is shown in the "Pre-install summary" panel before installing Typequick.


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