Setting Up the SCORM Compliant Client


The Typequick program can be accessed through a SCORM compliant Learning Management System (LMS) by using one of the ZIP files provided in the installation process for Typequick. Each of the ZIP files is a SCO which can be imported into the LMS. There are ZIP files which support version 1.2 of SCORM and version 1.3 (2004).

The work stations where the students use the LMS must have the Sun Java Runtime 1.4.2 (or higher) installed.

Setting up Prior to Importing to the LMS

Install Typequick on the machine where the site's web server is deployed using the web server install instructions. After the install is completed, link one of the supplied HTML files into the site's pages (see the install documentation) so that the installation can be verified by starting Typequick in a browser.

Selecting and Changing the ZIP File

One of the ZIP files must be selected for importing into the LMS. If you are using Typequick Professional, choose one of the files with TQP in the name, otherwise choose one with TFS in the name. Part of the file name also contains the level of SCORM compliance. This will be either 1_2 (for SCORM 1.2) or 1_3 (for SCORM 1.3 (2004)). It is important that the SCORM compliance level matches that supported by the LMS.

Inside the ZIP file selected is a file called TQLaunch800.jsp. This is a text file and will need to be extracted, edited and then put back in the ZIP file before the ZIP file is imported into the LMS.

One line in the file must be altered. The line begins with:

    <applet id="TQA" codebase="" .....

The first change required is to replace the codebase reference with the one appropriate to the site. The IP address should be that of the machine where the web server version of Typequick was installed. The path after the IP address will need to be changed also if the web part of the Typequick install did not go to the default location.

The second change will probably require a bit of trial and error. The size of the area assigned to the Typequick program appears further along the same line as:

    width="800" height="600"

and the values need to be adjusted to best suit the available space when Typequick is running inside the LMS.

NOTE: The name of the file should not be changed as the SCO content makes explicit references to the file.

Once the jsp file has been altered and replaced in the ZIP file, the ZIP file may be imported into the LMS.