Selecting the Type of Installation

You use this panel to select the type of installation; whether you are installing on a single machine or on a network. The selected option displays the heading in blue.

Single Machine
If the machine is essentially a stand-alone installation of the Typequick product, leave the default of Single Machine highlighted. This will load all the components for the products selected on the previous panel onto the machine and configure it in such a way that the Typequick program runs without interacting with any other machines.

When you select this button and press Next , the installer will present a choice of doing a default install or a custom install.

When installing the server part of a network installation, select this button. When creating a configuration where a single server is surrounded by a number of workstations, do this installation first and then do the workstation installations. This install will place all components (not just the server component) onto the server PC. The client components are also placed on the server PC so that the administrator can start a client component after the install to check that the server component is running properly.

This button is used when installing the Typequick client component on a workstation. Usually this step is used after having completed the Network-Server installation at the server machine. The Network-Workstation install is usually done after the server component has been completed and the Typequick server is running. This install will place the Typequick client component and the Typequick resources component on the workstation.

This button is used when installing the server part of an installation that is to provide web browser access to the Typequick application. Two folders need to be entered during the installation. One indicates where the Typequick server component will be installed, the other where the sample web pages that need to be linked into your web-site should be placed. This second location needs to be somewhere in the default path for the web-site or a location which can be made into a virtual directory in the web-site. If this installation button is used, no further other installs need to be done.

Use this button if you want to select which components should be installed on the machine. The other buttons provide no control over the components loaded onto the machine during the install.

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