Reinstalling Typequick

If your Typequick installation has not yet had a licence added to it, then reinstalling can be done without any problems at all. Simply uninstall the old version and reinstall in the new location.

However, once a licence has been fed into the Typequick program, the TQServer component locks itself to the machine and the following procedures need to be carried out in order to perform a new installation.

Single Machine Installations

In a single machine installation that is going to be reinstalled to a different machine two issues may arise, how to save old data, and how to update the licence to reflect the new machine.

To save data from the old installation, refer to the topic Saving the Database between Installs.

To deal with the licence issue see the topic below on TQServer Reinstallation.

Multi-Machine Installations

TQClient and TQAdmin Reinstallation

The TQClient and TQAdmin components may be reinstalled at any time to any number of machines without causing any problems or confusion, regardless of the licences a site might have.

TQResources Reinstallation

Moving the resources by reinstalling them in another place can be done easily enough in regard to the resources themselves, but will leave other components with an invalid pointer to the old location. Each component (TQAdmin TQClient and TQServer installations) will need to have the old pointer adjusted to pick up the new location. In all cases the pointer is in the properties file associated with the component (for example, TQClient.Properties for a TQClient component, etc.). You will need to edit the properties files with a text editor and update the line that begins "Resources=...".

TQServer Reinstallation

A number of issues may arise if you decide to reinstall the TQServer program, as this is where licensing is controlled.

The first issue that should be dealt with is whether to save the database from the old installation. See Saving the Database between Installs for details on this issue.

Replacing Licences

When you start TQAdmin or TQClient after moving an installation including its database, Typequick will discover that the installation has been moved and ask you to get replacement licence(s) from the Typequick web site. You can get these replacement licence(s) over the Internet (follow the instructions provided by the wizard that displays) or call Typequick and ask for replacements. If you want to delay getting the replacement licence(s), you can exit the dialog box and come back to it later.

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