Client and Resource Components on the Workstations

For this configuration, the Typequick CD is used to do an install of the Typequick Server onto the network server machine first. This is done by inserting the CD into the drive on the network server and following the procedure for installing the Typequick server.

Once the Typequick server is running, the Typequick Client and Typequick Resources can be installed on the workstations selecting the Network-Workstation button on the Choose Install Set panel. The installs can be done by going to each workstation with the CD and carrying out the same install at each workstation. If you want to clone this installation onto other workstations rather than doing the install over and over, please read the paragraphs below.

Workstation Install for Minimum Network Traffic
To minimise network traffic, the client and resource components will need to be put on each workstation. This can be done by doing an install on a master workstation and then copying the installed files to all the other workstations, or just carrying out the installation process on each workstation.

To set up the master workstation copy start the setup program on the Typequick CD while seated at the workstation and when the Choose Install Set panel is reached select the Network-Workstation entry. Complete the installation to either the default location or a selected location.

During the installation you can check that the Typequick server is running by pressing the Find Typequick Server button on the Locate TQServer panel. If the Typequick server is not running, enter the TCP/IP address of the PC where the Typequick server will be running (the default port is 4774).

You should ensure that the Typequick client program on the master workstation communicates successfully with the Typequick server before copying the installation onto other workstations.

Once the workstation installation is confirmed to be functioning correctly, other workstations can be set up by copying the installation folder where Typequick has been put onto other workstations (Note: The copied folder must be put onto the same place in the file tree on each workstation as it is on the master workstation (including the same drive letter)). To complete the set up on other workstations create the same shortcut to the Typequick client program as has been created on the master workstation.

There are no other files (or registry entries for MS Windows) which need to be cloned to other workstations, the folder is all that is required, although the desktop icon(s) to run the Typequick application(s) need to be on each workstation as well.

The folder at the workstation containing the Typequick program can be made read-only to prevent tampering by unauthorised users.


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