All Typequick Components on the Server

For this configuration, the Typequick CD is used to do an install of the Typequick Server onto the network server machine first. This is done by inserting the CD into the drive on the network server and following the procedure for installing the Typequick server. Although installing this way uses minimum space at the workstations, it does use cause a lot of network traffic (approximately 12Mb) when the program is started.

Once the Typequick server is running correctly, a second install is done for the Typequick Client but the install is done from a workstation. Take the CD to a workstation, log in as Administrator and start the Typequick install program. Select the Network-Workstation button when you reach the Choose Install Set panel.

Select the Custom rather than the Default install so that you can specify the target folder for the installed files.

When the Choose Install Folder panel appears, select a location on a file server to which all workstations have read access and allow the installer to put the files onto the file server. NOTE: For MS-Windows based workstations, the path to the file server needs to be available via a mapped drive letter. The launcher does not understand UNC style paths.

When the installation completes it will leave an icon pointing to the executable on the server. This icon can be cloned onto other workstations.


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