Configuring for Many Students 

The standard installation process creates defaults which are optimised for small numbers of students (fewer than 10) accessing the Typequick server component simultaneously.

If more than 10 students are to access the Typequick server at once, please use the table below to adjust entries in the file on the server after the Network-Server installation has been completed. The file is found in the folder called "volatile" inside the folder where Typequick has been installed. NOTE: if the Typequick server is running as a service (the default for Windows and MAC), you should stop and restart the service after adjusting the file. If you are unsure how to stop and start the service, you can reboot the machine to achieve the desired effect.

In the table below, columns after the first column are headed by the entry in the file whose value should be altered:

Concurrent Users JDBCConnectionPollMin JDBCConnectionPollMax
20-49 5 50
50-99 20 100
100-199 40 200
200-500 60 500
500+ 100 1000


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