Installable Components

The installation process can produce a large range of configurations from the four basic components on the CD. The system administrator can choose from the simplest install (all components go onto the one machine) through to installing components on different machines around a network.

There are three program components (TQ Client, TQ Admin and TQ Server) and one resource component (containing the data for the Typequick products shipped on the CD).

TQ Client
The TQ Client program is used by anyone wanting to view a Typequick product such as Typequick Professional or Typequick for Students.

TQ Admin
The TQ Admin program is used by people responsible for a group of students to organise the results produced by students as they work their way through the product material.

TQ Server
The TQ Server program sits in the background providing access to the database with information about students and results. TQ Server controls the licensing, so most sites will have just one copy of TQ Server installed and running. Those sites that are not networked but have a requirement to run the Typequick application on a number of machines will need to have TQ Server installed on each machine, and a separate licence for each such machine. Check the documentation for
TQ Server for the operating system you are using.

Resource Component
The resource component is a mixture of text, audio files and images which contain the content of the various products such as Typequick Professional and Typequick for Students. The TQ Client program accesses these resources to create the lessons. The TQ Admin program accesses the resources just so that it is aware of what has been installed. The TQ Server program also periodically accesses the resources in order to keep track of which products are installed.

Suggested Installation Methods for Workstations
The installation process for the Typequick server is the same regardless of how the workstation component is deployed. Some suggestions are provided below for workstation setups:

      Client and Resource Components on the Workstations - Minimum network traffic with maximum workstation hard drive requirements
      All Components on the Server - Maximum network traffic with zero workstation hard drive requirements
      Citrix and Terminal Server Configurations

For additional information, refer to the following topics:

    TQ Client
    TQ Admin
    TQ Server
    Resource Components

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