Install Program Panels

As the installation proceeds, the installation program presents a series of panels.

The following figure shows the Introduction panel.

On some steps, no user input is required. You need only check that the information presented is what is required and then click the "Next" button.

On other steps, choices must be made, or information provided and these panels are described in the following topics:

      Selecting the Language
      Existing Installation
      Choose Install Set - Selecting the type of installation
      Choose Components
      TQ Server Details
      Getting Existing DB Details
      Choose Install Folder
      Create Shortcut Folder
      Pre-Installation Summary

Cancelling the Installation
You can cancel the installation by clicking the "Cancel" button. You may need to run an Uninstall to clear anything that has been installed or copied. This will depend on where you are in the installation when you cancel. Refer to the topic Uninstalling Typequick .

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