Entering Licences

The first time a licence should be entered is immediately after the installation is completed.

When the installation is done, start either the TQClient or TQAdmin programs. When they are started, they will display a dialog box which asks whether you want to add a licence.

Click the "Yes" button and the Add a Licence dialog box displays.

Enter the licence key you obtained when you purchased the product. Remember to add it exactly as it is written, using capital letters and dashes (-) as required. Click the "Add a Licence" button to submit the licence you have typed. The licence is checked and the Add a Licence dialog box closes.

If the licence is accepted, neither TQClient or TQAdmin will ask about licences again.

Clicking the "Purchase a Licence" button on the Add a Licence dialog box will display a Typequick website page from which you can purchase a licence. You must have a connection to the Internet to use this.

You can obtain licences for Typequick components at any time and add them to the Typequick installation to enable more users to access the products, or to add more products.

If you subsequently want to add a new licence (because you have increased the number of students supported, or added new products), the licence can be entered by choosing the appropriate menu entry in the TQAdmin program.

Using TYPEQUICK in Evaluation Mode
When prompted "Do you have a licence key that can be added?", if you do not have an active licence key you can click the "No" button and TYPEQUICK will start and run in Evaluation Mode. This allows you to try the product, look at the features is has and at the layout of the screens.

Only the first three lesson parts of the Keyboard Lessons course are available in evaluation mode. These are:

No other lessons within the Keyboard Lessons course are available nor are any of the other courses.

The results from the lessons are saved in the database, so when you enter an active licence key you can move directly on to Lesson 1 - Part B.

Purchasing a Licence Key
To purchase a licence key to activate the program, all you have to do is contact Typequick. Refer to
Typequick Contact Details .

Adding a Licence
In Evaluation Mode, there are two ways in which you can add a Licence.

Enter the licence key (see above).

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