Choosing Components to Install

This panel will only appear if you have chosen NOT to do the single machine install. In a multi-machine configuration, different components can be on different machines (as long as any machine appears in the supported systems list). You use this panel to choose what components you are installing on the specific machine.

One consequence of choosing a multi-machine configuration is that the CD-ROM will need to be taken to a number of machines and the install program run at each machine. However, it is possible to clone installations of the TQ Client and TQ Admin using mechanisms like Microsoft's System Management Server.

You can tick any number of the check boxes during the one installation if you like (it is quite possible to install the TQ Client program for example on the same machine as the TQ Server even though most TQ Clients will be calling it from other machines.

When you click the "Next" button on this panel, you will be prompted to select the folders for the relevant components. There are three panels associated with installation folders. Depending on which installation options are selected, some or all of these panels will be displayed during the installation process.

The following topics deal in more detail with the considerations involved in selecting components to be installed:

    Selecting TQ Client
    Selecting TQ Admin
    Selecting TQ Server
    Selecting Resources

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