Choose Resource Location Folder

The resources are the lesson text, image and sound files. The total amount of space required for these files may be quite large, so for multi-machine installations, the option is given to place these in a different place to the program and data files.

To simplify single machine installations this panel is skipped and the resource files are automatically put into the same area as the program files.

For multi-machine installations where the resources have been chosen as a separate component for installation, this panel will appear.

It should be remembered that all the Typequick programs need to access a copy of the resources and so if the resources are placed on a server, the machines where TQ Client or TQ Admin are to run will need to have the privileges and the connectivity to be able to access the resources (unless you choose to install a copy of the resources on each machine running TQ Client or TQ Admin).

Installing multiple copies of the resources can be used to reduce network traffic, but may cause some administrative headaches if the resources need to be updated or augmented at a later time.

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