Apple MAC OS X and OS X Server

On Apple MAC OS X (OS X v10.2) and OSX (OS X v10.2) Server machines, the installation program does not install a Java Virtual Machine, rather it uses the one provided by the operating system. The version should be at least 1.4.0.

After the CD is inserted in the drive and the CD icon appears on the desktop, double click on the CD icon to display the CD contents. The CD contents will contain a folder called "Disk1". 

Double click on the "Disk1" folder" to reveal the a folder "InstData".

Double click on the "InstData" folder and look for the  folder MacOSX".

Double click on the "MacOSX" folder to reveal the icon for the "Typequick" installation program.

Finally, double click on the "Typequick" installation program icon.

Note 1 If you are installing the server component for other workstations to access this server, you should be logged in as the super-user (for further details refer to TQ Server in Apple MAC).

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